Southern Maine Forestry

Forest Management Services

Forest Management Services


Why is forest management important?

  • There is a growing demand for all kinds of forest products derived from Maine's greatest natural resource.

  • Improved quality, value and productivity of Maine woodlands are a direct result of skilled forest management.

  • Properly managed woodlands contribute to natural resource protection, good land stewardship, enhanced wildlife habitat and improved quality of life for the landowner.


Southern Maine Forestry Services offers the following to its clients:



  • Pre-Harvest Woodlot Marking

  • Woodlot Volume Tallies

  • Logger Contracting and Negotiation

  • Logger Monitoring, Supervision

  • Timber Utilization

  • Marketing, Mill Negotiation

  • Record-keeping and Reporting



  • Timber Cruise, Woodlot Assessment

  • Forest Management Plans

  • Timber Purchase and Sale Appraisals

  • Tree Growth Tax Planning

  • Timber Tax and Depletion Appraisals

  • Forest Mapping

  • Investment Counsel

  • Timber Trespass Opinions, Evidence



  • Planting, Pruning, Marking

  • TSI - Pre-Commercial Thinning

  • Boundary Maintenance



Our clients' need and goals are diverse;
we generally work with our clients to achieve one or more of these important objectives:

  • Generating ongoing income to offset property ownership costs

  • Enhancing the future value of standing timber with selection cutting

  • Determining timber value for the purchase or sale of property

  • Pre-commercial timber stand improvement - thinning, pruning, brush control

  • Improving landowners' condition, value and aesthetics

  • Natural Resource Conservation, including forest management for wildlife

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Our primary objectives are 1) maximizing short and long-term income for our clients, and 2) relieving our clients from the often complex tasks associated with a timber sale.

The key to meeting client objectives involves locating, contracting for, and overseeing a competent, responsible logger. We contract only with very high quality loggers with proven track records. We negotiate to optimize income and regularly monitor performance to help assure high quality work.

Finally, we handle all aspects of record-keeping, reporting, administration and delivery of proceeds on a timely basis.


Effective woodlot management often requires development of a comprehensive plan. After an initial consultation, we conduct a thorough inspection of the property, document our findings and recommendations and present them to the client. Specific courses of action are then agreed upon.

Timber appraisal is one of our most widely used services. Appraisal objectives include the determination of timber value for:
1) purchase or sale of property  
2) establishing depletion accounts to offset timber income taxes in future sales
3) timber trespass incidents

Other consulting services include timber investment counseling, expert opinions regarding timber trespass and property classification under Maine's Tree Growth Law.


We assist our clients in upgrading the quality, appearance, productivity and hence, the value of their landholdings, by providing the following land management services:

Timber Stand Improvement- This normally includes activities required to manage young stands before timber can be cut profitably- e.g. weeding, pruning, thinning, brush control.

Pre-Timber Sale Lot Preparation, which includes tree selection and marking, road and trail layout- important keys to leaving a good residual stand.

Plantation Management- Christmas trees, landscape stock; includes planting, herbicide application for disease and insect control, pruning, brush control and marketing.