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Selection Methods for Selling Your Timber

We don’t sell your timber to just anyone. We choose to work with loggers that we know, at least by reputation. If we do choose a new buyer, we are very careful in the selection of first sales. To new buyers, we offer clearing jobs or sales of low grade wood that are not logistically difficult. Once they’ve proven themselves, we then try then out on more complex sales and start to build a database on their work.

We are stickler’s for detail when preparing a client’s woodlot for sale. We mark trees to be cut with paint, lay out the trails over which trees will be removed using terrain features such as rocks, ridges and slopes to control the skidding of trees. All of this is to minimize damage to residual trees.

We meet our fiduciary responsibility to our clients by tallying trees marked for cutting and calculate the volumes of forest products to be produced. Occasionally, we take sample plots when only low value wood is to be cut but we always estimate how much wood will be cut.

We keep an extensive database of information on each logger that we use, in order to evaluate their performance and help us choose the best buyer for each situation. Our clients know we sell to buyers who are good at utilizing trees for their highest and best use. And the loggers we use are proud of doing good work. They know we check their work, what they produce and they are proud to meet our standards.

There are loggers out there who choose not to do the quality work we demand. Our clients don’t have to worry about that kind of logger – we simply don’t sell your timber to them.


jeanie Clemmer